Major Essay Writing Skills you should Know: Guide -2022

Writing an essay is not as easy as it looks. There are some people who are gifted when it comes to writing essays. However, there are a majority of people who struggle while writing essays. This is because they are unaware of the components of a great essay.

People are also not aware of the major writing skills required when writing an essay. This article will explain what the components of a good essay are and also list some major writing skills that can help you in writing a great essay

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Components of a great essay

What is an essay? We can define an essay as a piece of writing written to either persuade the reader or to inform the reader about something. For an essay to be great, you need to make sure that your essay has the proper components.

The introduction is the first component of a great essay. The introduction needs to start off with an attention-grabbing sentence. This could be in the form of a quote or a question. It should be interesting enough so that we can get the attention of the reader. The introduction sets up the entire essay by giving the reader subtle clues about what is coming next. At the end of the essay is the thesis statement which will provide the reader the aim of the essay.

The second component is the main body. Here is where you will put most of the information about your topic. A body paragraph needs to start with a topic sentence. The purpose of this sentence is to give the reader insight into what the paragraph will be about.

The information you give must be properly referenced so that the reader knows any ideas you borrowed from other sources. The ideas you present need to be related to the topic and should not be there just to bring the word count up

The last component is the conclusion. The first sentence of the conclusion is the thesis statement but in other words. After the paraphrased thesis statement, you must summarize your points in a simplified manner. End the conclusion off with a recommendation or suggestion. Still, confused about the components of essays? Contact an essay writer that can help you with any confusion you might have.

Skills required for a great essay

You may be asking yourself, ‘ Now that I know what the components of a good essay are, what skills do I need to write my essay for me?’. The following points will help you understand what are the major skills required in essay writing
  • Before starting an essay, it is better if you organize your thoughts. You need to make a thesis statement and figure out the claims you will make before you start writing your essay. A good way to organize your ideas is brainstorming. Brainstorming helps you get creative and makes you think outside the box
  • Once you have your ideas organized, it is time for you to draft an outline. This outline will form the backbone of your essay. It will also help you in sticking to the topic and make sure that you do not deviate from what you are supposed to write about
  • A good essay has evidence from respected sources. These sources can be journal articles or research papers. Proper research is a major essay-writing skill and you must have this skill if you want to write my essay. Using academic databases to research journal articles is an important skill to have when finding evidence for your essays
  • Your essay needs to have a proper tone. If you are writing an argumentative essay or an informative essay, the tone you use will be different for both. If the essay is for academic purposes, then the tone needs to formal and very different from your everyday conversations
  • The vocabulary you use plays a major part in writing your essay. Use words that suit the tone of your essay. Make sure you do not use simple vocabulary or the vocabulary you would use on social media
  • Make sure your first sentence of the introduction is an attention grabber. You cannot expect to attract readers if you have a lackluster opening sentence. Writing a perfect thesis statement is another skill to have when writing perfect essays
  • Provide good and solid arguments in your essays. Make sure the arguments make sense and are perfect for your essay. A key skill in essay writing is to provide counter-arguments in your essays as well. This removes any biases from your essay and your essay does not seem one-sided
  • Writing a great conclusion is a skill most people lack when they write their essays. Remember to rephrase your thesis statement and give a simplified explanation of all your key points. A suggestion or recommendation can make your conclusion much better

The above points highlight all the major skills you need to have when writing an essay. All of them are equally important and should be worked on. If you are having trouble with learning some of these skills, an essay writing service can help you. These services also offer to proofread your essays and help you in any way

After reading this article, I would advise you to start practicing these skills. Start of with a simple essay before moving on to harder ones. Practice makes perfect and you will not become great at essay writing if you do not practice what you learn.
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